Dont Worry Baby-Beach Boys-evansmusic90.MP3

Careless Whispers-Wham!-evansmusic90.MP3


Always On My Mind-Pet Shop Boys-evansmusic90.MP3

Hi again, and I hope you enjoy this portion of the tour! It's from pre-marriage days and had the opportunity to spend time doing lots of music.

The mp3 file to the left plays an effort from my days with a great guitar playing roommate named Glen. He did the awesome electric guitar work in this selection, originally of course by the Beatles- it's Something. This version has all the other parts done by me, the evans guy circa 1990. 

The selection to the left is the Beach Boys hit Don't Worry Baby re-done by the evans guy in 5-part harmony, using my Yamaha MT2X 4-track tape recorder. Soprano is not my usual range as you'll perhaps notice..! The lead vocal is sung twice by me to get what was often actually done more by the Beatles, a "chorus" effect. Circa 1991. 

The file to the left plays an evans guy version of Careless Whispers, the Wham! mid-eighties classic. This was one of my first efforts at 'being the band'. I'd recently purchased a Yamaha drum machine and had fun step entering the entire song using patterns. I've noticed this is still common these days in certain computer and digital studio applications. I dont do it anymore, preferring to let my Band in a Box program handle most of it, and tweaking it with my digital piano mapped to the drums via midi channel 10.

As with many of the songs from these days, part of the fun was designing or emulating the synthesizer sounds. There are several such sounds used on this song. Doing that is something that I rarely seem to have time for now with 2 boys and such..

The left slider plays a re-mix of a re-mix! Originally a Willie Nelson song, done re-mix style by the Pet Shop Boys, and shamelessly re-re-done by the evans guy. If I remember correctly, this one was laid down pretty quickly.

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