The evans guy offers here some classical music.

Bach- Prelude & Fugue 15, The Well Tempered Clavier- Book 1 

One of my favorite composers, Bach seems to have celebration in mind with this contrapuntal masterpiece!

Sonata in Am(KV310)-Mozart-dbevans98.MP3

Mozart- Sonata in Am (KV 310)- an eloquent and beautiful musical treatment of the realm of anxiety, which I believe Mozart often dealt with in life as well as in his music.

Polonnaise in Ab,Op.53-Chopin-dbevans98.MP3

Chopin- Polonnaise in Ab, Op.53- Romance with a Capital 'R' !

Argentinian Dance 1-Ginastera-dbevans98.MP3

Argentinian Dance 2-Ginastera-dbevans98.MP3

Argentinian Dance 3-Ginastera-dbevans98.MP3

A. Ginastera- 3 Argentinian Dances (the second one has an amazingly beautiful melody- a minute or 2 in..the third seems to put a wild horseback ride on the Pampas into aural view)

Concert Etude 4-Prokofiev-dbevans98.MP3

Prokofiev's Concert Etude 4 - industrial strength energy!

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