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3. Sight Reading

Posted by Doug Evans on Sunday, March 15, 2015,
3. Sight Reading (daily routine)

Sight reading should be a daily habit, even only a few lines of music. Ideally a page or more daily is recommended. A highly respected teacher friend of mine told me that 5 mins. per day would have yield a significant result in as little as a month. Reasons for doing this daily include growing in one's fluency with getting the music off the page and through the fingers into music accurately. This is especially useful for things like accompanying other musicians...
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#2. NEW Memory work.

Posted by Doug Evans on Saturday, July 26, 2014,
2.- NEW memory work

In the daily practise routine, if there is enough time, new memory work should be a part. For me this takes between 15 and 30 minutes. I usually try to get a page done for the day. This may need to be reinforced for 1 to 3 days following to consolidate the work. 

I'll do a phrase or 2 at a time, often needing to play the first few beats a number of times to get started, then adding the rest of the phrase and playing over and over until I can do it without error, and then a f...

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#1- Memory Songs

Posted by Doug Evans on Tuesday, March 8, 2011,


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