2.- NEW memory work

In the daily practise routine, if there is enough time, new memory work should be a part. For me this takes between 15 and 30 minutes. I usually try to get a page done for the day. This may need to be reinforced for 1 to 3 days following to consolidate the work. 

I'll do a phrase or 2 at a time, often needing to play the first few beats a number of times to get started, then adding the rest of the phrase and playing over and over until I can do it without error, and then a few more times to do it in a steady-ish rhythm without errors 3 or more times. Then I move on to the next phrase do that until memorized, add it to the first, play those 3 or so times with no errors and so on until the page is absorbed into my (thick) cranium cells. I'll get the page playable with few to no errors 3 or more times and then I'm done for the day.

For the subsequent days, I check that the page is playable with a relatively steady beat and few to no errors 3 times. If not, I repeat the memorization process in the above paragraph as required to re-do the memory work of that page(and any previous pages). When I can start the process with few to no errors on any day, then I can tackle the next page until the song is done. When a song is able to be played with correct notes, I find there's often required a week or more of doing it 2 or more times by memory daily until it can be played with a steady beat and up to tempo. The more times I do it per day, the sooner the song becomes memorized. Performance readiness for a newly memorized song happens after a week or so of playing it daily up-to-tempo.